com&sale has continued to develop over the past few years as a service provider for outbound telephone marketing. Developing the communication concepts that are tailored perfectly to the needs of the trade fair organizers as our clients is our number one priority. The portfolio of services is rounded off with offers generated by address management. As subsidiary of NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA Gmbh, com&sale guarantees valuable experience in telephone acquisition. When appointing agents, com&sale always looks for native speakers and can therefore offer a service spectrum in telephone sales of up to twelve languages.

Service portfolio com&sale:


  • Gaining new exhibitors for trade fairs
  • Tending to and newly contacting existing exhibitors
  • Customer service and activation or reactivation of previous exhibitors
  • Exhibitor address qualification or specialized visitor databases
  • Introduction and sales of new products and trade fair services
  • Follow-up campaigns for emails sent by the service providers or trade fair organizers
  • Invitation and appointment planning for trade fairs, events, and meetings

Marketing consultation:

  • Joint conception and creation of campaigns
  • Campaign analysis (monitoring) based on target audience contacts
  • Estimation of success and optimizing analyses by com&sale employees with trade fair experience

Adress management: 

  • Refining existing client address information (trade fair organizers, service companies)
  • Acquisition of valuable and accurate addresses
  • Updating address databases

Further information about com&sale is available on our website.

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