Print and Digital Catalogues

We believe that trade fairs are centers for communication and therefore pursue three primary goals:

  • Every trade fair is unique and acts as a trend-setter and as a leader of innovation
  • The exhibitors take care of what is most important – their visitors
  • The fair visitors feel comfortable and are lead effortlessly through the fair halls to their destination

We have been committed to these ideals since the beginning of our business operations, which is why we stick to publishing the printed catalogue – because exhibitors as well as visitors are familiar and comfortable with this medium. However we also want to offer exhibitors the best possible presentation framework while at the same time effectively leading visitors throughout the fair grounds. Therefore, many additional diverse presentation options have been made available over the years in the printed catalogue. NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA GmbH is your contact partner to help you find the best communication at the right time, and provides the following variations of trade fair communication today:

  • Online exhibitor database
  • Interactive hall plans
  • B2B matching
  • Mobile applications
  • Visitor information systems
  • Conferences
  • One-on-one communication
  • Catalogues
  • Trade fair newspapers
  • Customer magazines

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